Soil Balance Pro 50 Grams - Probiotics
Soil Balance Pro 50 Grams - Probiotics

Soil Balance Pro, 50 Grams

Kind Roots, Inc.
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Get the benefits of a 62 Strain Organism Concentrate. More microbes and strains than any other plant probiotic product in the world!


  • Increases in terpene levels - (Terpenes create the aroma, flavor, color and oil efficacy)

  • 5 to 6 terpene types at balanced levels in a single flower (Cup winners average 2 to 4 balanced level terpene types and 5 or 6 is rare)

  • 150% to 500% Root Biomass Increase in under 30 days, GUARANTEED (University Verified)

  • University verified to increase yields by a min of 20%.

  • WHITE ROOTS for the duration of the crop cycle (Soil & Plant Health)

  • Speed up vegetative growth cycle, and increase density and overall yields

  • Comprehensively tested and shown to have significant efficacy by 19 top rated Agricultural universities

  • Over 100,000% increase in soil microbe populations per gram vs control