Geoflora Veg Granular Fertilzer - 50 LB

Geoflora Veg Granular Fertilzer - 50 LB

Geoflora Nutrients
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Geoflora Nutrients is an OMRI-listed, easy-to-use dry fertilizer system featuring two formulations: VEG and BLOOM.

Designed with the end user in mind, Geoflora Nutrients’ two-part system is a simple 1:1 ratio of Veg to Bloom. A dustless granulated form factor helps to safely distribute the 19 unique organic inputs evenly to your soil. Geoflora Nutrients also contain a combination of specially selected beneficial bacteria to improve nutrient availability, and establish a living soil web in your growing media.

Geoflora Nutrients’ VEG formula combines diverse nitrogen sources and unique inputs to deliver a comprehensive and highly effective formula. Geoflora VEG provides all the needed macro and secondary nutrients for optimal plant growth and a healthy vegetative growth cycle. Geoflora VEG is OMRI-listed for organic use.

Geoflora VEG can be applied to the soil prior to transplant, creating a ready-to-plant super soil that can be re-amended every two weeks or as needed until the flowering cycle. VEG contains organic nutrient sources in ample supply to eliminate the need for frequent re-amending.

Geoflora VEG works best with Peat or Coconut Fiber based growing media and soils, and should not be used in aquaponic or soil-less grow media such as Rockwool.