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Riococo Grow Bags, Super Washed

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Riococo PCM Grow Bags are a special blend of coir chip and natural material for growing all types of cannabis and hemp strains. The selected raw materials are five times washed, blended without fine dust particles to make grow slabs for the required sizes. Slab has very high air fill porosity, moderate water holding capacity and balanced pH with very low EC and Sodium (Na) content. Grow slab has evenly distributed martial mix packed in UV stabilized co-extruded bags. 

Riococo 300 Grow Bags

  • 30% Coco Peat 70% Coco Chips
  • Medium air-filled porosity 25.06-26.4% – reduces water loss & increases aeration
  • Medium water holding capacity 5.42-5.52 liters/kg – good drainage and reduces water logging
  • Recommended crops: Tomatoes, strawberries, cannabis, hemp

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